The wilderness holds answers to questions man has not yet learned to ask. ~ Nancy Newhall

Desert hunting – the Kalahari

Location: 2½ hours’ drive south-east of Windhoek.

This is the land of wide-open spaces and a big sky. Vegetation is sparse along the endless parallel red sand dunes, with scattered camelthorn trees providing some variation and shade. These iconic hardwoods are often burdened with the unbelievably large nests of communal weaver birds.

The area, a privately owned ranch 14 000 hectares in extent, is home to steenbok, duiker, warthog, springbok, blesbok, kudu, oryx/gemsbok and ostrich. Springbok and gemsbok occur in large herds, with good trophies among them.


Hunting is done on foot, with shots usually in the order of 150 -250 yards. Despite the open terrain, the sand dunes serve as useful cover and often allow easy shots from elevated ground. This is an excellent area for a first-comer, with a lot to offer.


The hunting camp lies between the dunes, with golden sunset vistas a short stroll away. Guests are housed in two chalets, each sleeping up to four people, with a separate ablution block. Close by is a kitchen and dining area, where traditional Afrikaner meals are served. The camp has electricity, but no phone reception.